Marketing and Snapple Corporation

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Report On Snapple: Revitalizing a Brand

Prepared for: Mahbub Hossain

Group Members:
Mahbub Md. Rakib 08-10322-1
Farzana Tuli08-10322-1
Farzana Tuli08-10322-1
Farzana Tuli08-10322-1
Question-1How would you characterize Snapple’s brand image and sources of brand equity? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the brand’s existing personality and image?6
Question-2Where did Quaker go wrong? What could it have done differently? Is Cadbury in danger of making the same mistakes as Quaker did?8
Question-3How effective and appropriate do you think Triarc’s marketing program was? How effective and appropriate do you think Cadbury’s marketing program is? What changes if any, would you recommend Cadbury make to the Snapple marketing?

Question-4How has Snapple’s sale to Cadbury affected Snapple’s equity? Are there dangers of the brand’s association with a large corporation?

Question-5What do you think Cadbury’s next move with Snapple should be? Should the company attempt to expand or reposition Snapple?


This study is the outcome of a research work undertaken by the Brand and Product Management course instructed by Mr. Mahbub Hossain faculty of business administration of American International University Bangladesh for Spring 2011 semester’s student to experience and gather knowledge from a practical marketing research.

We are grateful to them who have spontaneously assisted us in conducting the study. All of our group members supported each other throughout the making of this report and completing it successfully. We have done some group discussions, where we shared each other’s views on the different issues of our topic.

The success of this report depends on the contribution of the number o people. Specially those who have shared their thoughtful guidance and suggestions to complete this report. Without their help, support and co-operation we would not be able to complete our study successfully.

In this assignment we practiced on Snapple Corporation include production Snapple’s brand image and sources of brand equity, Quaker’s management, Triarc’s marketing program and Cadbury’s attempt on Snapple. Most important thing for a company is to set a brand image that makes it superior than other products in the market. Brand image is the identification of company. Today branding in such a strong force that anything does not go unbranded. The second important thing is the management. Here we can see Snapple went through several management programs. Some were successful an others led the company down. Soproper management can lead the success to this company. Target the customer is the most important factor to run the company successfully. For foods and beverages the target market of Snapple is from middle to upper class people. Price is important to the producer for the revenue. So setting price very carefully is the duty of the company. If the product prices become high the demand of the product will be low. So, Snapple should set their price at minimum possible but definitely should not go below the target segment requirement, which will cover the cost of making marketing of the product and also the target profit. Sales promotion is another factor, which make the product popular and create awareness about the product among the people and motivate the people to buy the product. But it takes a huge investment so the sale promotion activities should be planned properly. Distribution is the last important factor for the availability of the product.

To complete this report we gathered information through different sources from internet, documents of Snapple about the company and others.

The roots of Snapple Corporation date back to 1972 in Brooklyn. In 1980s Snapple introduced ready-to-drink...
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