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Cause of socialism in the Soviet Union collapsed|
Under the economic perspective|
Group assignment – The micro economic|
Group 2:|
Nguyen Ngoc AnhTran Thi Thuy NgaTran Thi Hong NhungDinh Pham Viet HoangLe Thi Thu Huyen|

Table of Contents
The development and success of socialism in the Soviet Union the first half of the 20th century3
World War II3
The basic weakness of the socialist system4
Productivity, quality and efficiency but is still frequently referred to, but not based on the direct benefits of the employees5
Assets, raw materials wasted huge.5
The technology development is slow.6
Reform program in the Soviet Union6
First of all, we consider about the direction of reform, and their impacts.6
A number of prominent political conflict7
In terms of socio-cultural and spiritual life8
After the first reform8
The reason why China and Vietnam successfully in the reform socialist8

There is many reason for the collapse of Soviet Union. But in this assignment, we only consider the economic factors which is the root of it.

In the early 20th century Russian Empire as a European power potential of land and huge population, but the level of socio-economic development far backward compared with other European powers. October 25, 1917, Lenin and the Bolshevik Party members led the October Revolution Soviet of the Soviet administration, farmers and soldiers. The government immediately issued decrees on peace, ordinance on the land and out of the war with the very strict conditions of the German side. Immediately after the October Revolution, Russia fell into Civil War period extremely gory (1918-1922). Because of World War I, the Russian Revolution and the ensuing Russian Civil War industrial production had only managed to barely recover its 1913 level by 1926. By this time about 18% of the population lived in non-rural areas, although only about 7.5% were employed in the non-agricultural sector. The remainder was stuck in the low productivity agriculture. The economic problems in agriculture were further acerbated by natural conditions, such as long cold winters across the country, droughts in the south and acidic soils in the north The Soviet economic system model is basically the state economy, is non-competitive economy, not a market driven, under the leadership of the Party and centralized, highly planning at both micro and macro. This is also the general economic model of National Socialism. The first main feature is centralizing state economy. Still in the Soviet economy was the collective economic sector in agriculture is the collective farms, but the overwhelming proportion of the economy is the state with the component industrial enterprises and state farms in agriculture, as well as the state economy, the most typical focus. The second is “party leads the whole economy”. The long-term orientation of the local economy of the country and adopted at the Party Congress and the Party committees direct the implementation of economic policies and address their concerns in the economic process. The third is “planning pitches”. Party Congress defined the priority tasks of the economy and outlines the key economic indicators of a long period of usually five years, and 10-year orientation, which is basis for planning. Then the state planning agency will set up a plan for the five-year plan, sometimes seven-year plan with specific economic indicators for a period of five years and each particular year. To ensure financing for production planning businesses will receive under the plan from the State Bank and receive fuel, raw materials, and intermediate products planned from State Supply. The planning is done in great detail.: Gosplan even provisions to both wholesale and retail prices of these products, so be very complex, Gosplan of the USSR is indeed a ministerial with special functions of the Soviet government...
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