Topics: Decision theory, Information systems, Decision support system Pages: 4 (711 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Abdul Basit
System Analysis and Design
Date: 15-Jan-2013

Chapter # 1: Review Questions

1)- Describe why information is most usefully thought of as an organization resource rather than as an organizational by-product?

Ans)- To maximize the usefulness of information, a business must manage it correctly, just as it manages other resources. Managers needs to understand that costs are associated with the production, distribution, security, storage and retrieval of all information.

2)- Define what is mean by Transaction Processing system?

Ans)- Transaction Processing system are computerized information systems developed by processing large amount of data for routine business transactions such as payroll and inventory.

3)- Explain the difference between office automation systems(OAS) and knowledge work system (KWS)?

Ans)- Office automation system (OAS) is a software tools that allow data workers to manipulate data, rather than create it. General tools, such as word processing and spreadsheets, are used to manipulate the data. A knowledge work system (KWS) is used to create new knowledge.

4)- Compare the definition of a management information system (MIS) to the definition of a decision support system (DSS)?

Ans)- Decision support system (DIS) emphasize the support of decision making in all phases for the person or group using them. Management information system (MIS) includes transaction processing, decision analysis and produce output that is used in decision making. Both systems depend on a database as a source of data.

5)- Define the term expert systems. How do expert systems differ form decision support systems?

Ans)- An expert system capture the expertise of human expert for solving particular organizational problems. Expert systems select the best solutions to problems, whereas decision support system (DSS) leave the judgment to the decision maker.

6)- List the problems of group interaction that group...
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