Manipulation of the Socialization Aspect of Schools

Topics: Morality, Education, Ethics Pages: 2 (845 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Manipulation of the Socialization Aspect of SchoolsKierra Snyder Education tends to become a first priority in the lives of young people, and as it does it assumes some of the responsibilities of socialization previously held within the family unit. One major aspect of this is the development of respect for peers and their individual cultures and identities. In this day and age this form of socialization is becoming more important as it teaches children to accept those around them, helping to prepare these children for the cultural diversity they will undoubtedly be surrounded with in their adult lives. This socialization also assists in reaffirming morals that may have been taught at home, if not supplying a new set of guidelines for their new environment at school. In my opinion this socialization process can and should become the most direct teaching of general morality for our youth, and by creating an emphasis on appropriate social interaction we can improve children’s sense of conscience while subsequently teaching both self-love and freedom of expression. Socialization, in its most basic form, is the process of learning through social interaction and is the perfect vector for teaching morality. Most early socialization outside of the home occurs in a school setting. This can make it incredibly easy to standardize moral learning in the same ways we do instruction of math or history. Most of our morals are based on appropriate human social interactions; we shouldn’t injure or kill other people, steal other’s things, or mistreat the people who are there to help us, and we should always respect our environment. All of these morals are important to maintaining a peaceful environment in schools, making them very easy to enforce in our children’s consciences. Once a punishment is observed for an action it becomes a deterrent and most children will have a natural aptitude for learning morality simply because they fear the repercussions of their words and...
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