Managing Oneself

Topics: Knowledge, Walk This Way, Better Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: July 3, 2013
We, undoubtedly, live in a world filled with both competition and opportunities. But as long as we have the ambition, the drive, the patience and the right plan, the chance to succeed is absolutely high. But to be able to do this, we have to know and understand every part of us. This, I believe, is basically the message delivered to us by the author of the article, “Managing Oneself”.

Step 1: Identifying our strengths. The author firmly believes that this may be done through the “feedback analysis”, a process where one sets expectations on a certain scenario and then compares them with the actual results. By doing this consistently, we will be able to identify the things we are good at doing, dwell more and hone on what we are competent at, overcome our ignorance, and to stop doing things that inhibit the improvement.

Step 2: Knowing our ways of learning. We learn and work differently, depending on where the convenience is. Some learn through listening and some through reading. It is important that we know how we learn and to act on that knowledge. That is, not to try to change ourselves but to work hard improving performance instead.

Step 3: Placing values on ourselves. This is not a question of ethics but a question of being the person that we naturally are. It is important that our values should not be in conflict with our organization’s values for us to co-exist. A work performance that’s successful but in contrast to our values may not appear to be worthy.

Step 4: Knowing where you belong. If you know your strengths and you know how you perform, you will know how to react to opportunities that arrive. That is when you know where you belong. All of us, in a way, effectively contribute through our strengths. However, we must make sure that our contributions are SMARTER (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Exciting, and Rewarding).

Step 5: Taking responsibilities for relationship. We have people that surround us. By saying this, I...
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