Management Test Questions

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Leon Prikhodovskiy
Sample Essay Questions
MGMT 3610

1.) Discuss the various types of training outcomes which can be evaluated at

Cognitive Outcomes - measures acquisition of knowledge, and is measured by pencil-paper tests as well as work samples. Some examples are safety rules and steps in appraisal interview.

Skill based outcomes- measures the behaviors and skills, and is measured by observation, work sample, and rating. Some examples are jigsaw use, listening skills, and coaching skills

Affective outcomes- measures motivation, reaction, and attitudes. It is measured by interviews, focus groups, and attitude surveys. A few examples are satisfaction with training and beliefs regarding other cultures.

Results- measures the company payoff. It is measured by observations, data from information system or performance records. A few examples are absenteeism, accidents, and patents.

Return on investment- measures the economic value of training. Identification and comparison of costs and benefits of the program measure it. An example is dollars

2.) Discuss how the consultative, facilitative and delegative styles compare with and differ from each other.

Consultative- Consultative decision-making is said to occur when the leader asks for advice and opinions from his subordinates, and makes the decision himself.

Facilitative- The facilitative decision making style indicates a joint effort between leaders and subordinates, both providing input to make a shared decision.

Delegative- Delegative decision making, as the name implies, is when a leader passes responsibility for the decision making and the decision to one or more subordinates. It may even be all the subordinates.

3.) List and describe the various types of team member roles and provide two examples of each type

Task- These are the roles that relate to getting the work done. They represent the different roles needed to take a project step-by-step from initial conception...
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