Management Information System

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The MIS Course Work on Qatar Airways

1 Introduction2
2 Management Information System (MIS) 3
2.1 Characteristics of Information3
2.2 Value of Information4
2.3 Role of Information in Decision making4
3 Various Levels of Management and Decision Making Process4 4 The Organisational Context – Qatar Airways5
5 Analysis of MIS at Qatar Airways6
5.1 The MIS in Qatar Airways is comprehensive6
5.2 MIS in Qatar Airways is strictly Coordinated8
5.3 MIS in Qatar Airways is Integrated8
5.4 Data Security and Management in Qatar Airways9
5.5 MIS at Qatar Airways Enhances Productivity9
6 Conclusion and Recommendation10
7 Reference10

Fast developments in technology made the market more competitive and the organisations are become more information driven to compete in the market. As a result the information became more critical in the operations and management of organisations. The availability of the right information at the right time is very crucial in the performance of various critical managerial functions such as organising, planning, control and leading. However, the collection of coordinated and integrated information is a challenge to the organisations. An information system (IS) interconnects almost all components of the organisation and provides most appropriate and relevant information for better operations and managerial decisions for the survival of the organisations in this highly competitive market environment (Scott, 1986). Management Information System (MIS) is a computer based information system focuses on information technology (IT) and that interconnects and integrates all legacy information systems and databases in the organisation to enhance the business operations of the organisation. The MIS makes the organisation and people more creative and productive by providing timely relevant information in consistent with the business objectives of the organisation. However, the successful and effective delivery of this MIS requires coordination of people and human behaviour, organisational processes, knowledge of IT and appropriate dynamic business environments (Babu, et al., 2009). The Qatar Airways, which is a service-based organisation, has been selected as a company of choice for investigation. This report looks into the integrated MIS applications that is using in Qatar Airways. This report deeply investigates into the various information systems in Qatar Airways that come under the integrated MIS application as an Enterprises resource planning (ERP) system, and its uses. This report analyses how this MIS provide information to various departments and provide support to various levels of management and its decision making processes. This report also evaluates the effectiveness of MIS in managing various business processes in the organisation and how it improves the service efficiency, productivity and profitability of the organisation. This reports ends with recommendations for effective utilisation of MIS and also for its further enhancements. 2 Management Information System (MIS)

MIS is fundamentally used for providing managerial support to the managers and to the organisation. An information system (IS) basically used for inputting, storing data relevant to an environment or a problem and also used for processing the stored interrelated data into information for the managerial purpose. This processed information is then communicated and made available to different department in the organisation for apt decision making processes (Web.05). According to George M. Scott, “an MIS is a comprehensive and coordinated set of information systems which are rationally integrated and which transform data into information in a variety of ways to enhance productivity in conformance with managers’ style and characteristics on the basis of established quality criteria” (Scott, 1986, pp 97-100). The MIS is...
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