management information system

Topics: Information systems, Decision theory, Systems theory Pages: 4 (744 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Data = donnée
Database = base de données
Implement = mettre en œuvre, appliquer
Widespread = étendu

Why we need information?
Individual entertainment, enlightenment (instruction)
Businesses  decision making and problem solving: gathering (reunion), storing (entreposage), manipulating

- A given/fact: number, statement, picture
- raw materials in the production of information
Data that have meaning within context
Raw data or data that have been manipulated

Raw data
- Time consuming to read
- Difficult to understand

Raw data are processed (traiter, transformer) in an IS to create final useful information. Process = manipulation of data Computer-based IS = process data to produce information

Ex: DataProcessInformation

Information must be useful:
- Relevant (pertinent)
- Complete (partial information is often worse)
- Accurate (juste, excate)
- Current (actuelle)
- Cost effective in business

A system: is a set of components that work together to achieve a common goal Subsystem: one part of a system where the products of more than one system are combined to reach an ultimate goal. Closed system: stand-alone system that has no contact with other systems Open system: system that interfaces with other systems

System thinking:
-viewing organization in terms of suborganization and subsystem - a framework (structure) for problem solving and decision making - Managers focus on overall goals and operations of business

Information Map: data and information flow within an organization Information technology: all technologies that facilitate construction and maintenance of information system

Synergy: combined resources produce output exceeding the sum of the outputs of the same resources employed separately. Translate human thought into efficient processing of large amount of data.

Components of an IS:
Data: input that the system takes to produce information
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