Making Effective Workplace Decisions

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Making Effective Workplace Decisions
* Mar 18, 2011
* Roslyn Johnson

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Steps outlined in this article will help you to determine if you're making, or that you have made, the right decision about a pending issue. Do you ever wonder how to know that you’re making, or that you have made, the right decision? Decisions are an important of lives. Every day, we make decisions in our home life and work life that will impact our future. That is why having the skills to make good, solid decisions is important. This article outlines a 6 Step Process that will help you to make wise and confident decisions. The objective of making a decision is to choose your best alternative – based on the facts provided – that will lead to a productive end result. These steps will help anyone (at home, school or in business) that has to make decisions. They can be applied when making any decision at any time, from the start of the problem-solving process to the finishing stages of implementing the course of action. Step 1: Identify the problem

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* Five Steps for Effective Problem Solving in the Workplace A problem can be identified as a difficult issue that needs to be resolved. Quite possibly, failure to resolve the issue could lead to additional, more crucial issues. Most problems in business exist in the form of a statement or a question. For example, a statement problem in might be “Choose the best vendor to match our product budget.” Likewise, a question problem might be “What type of product should we develop?” For both types of problems, several sets of conclusions may be derived. Each one making a different impact. When you understand exactly what the problem is, you can use sound judgment to render a decision. Step 2: Determine who should be involved

During the first stages of the decision-making process, you should determine who should...
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