Lost Property E Plan

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The connections and experiences josh witnesses introduces him to different types of relationships. Different relationships rely on the connections individual’s experience. Through his mum josh learns that even though you haven’t seen or heard from some one you loved and cared for, for a period of time even considering what they have been through she shows that unconditional love for her son Michael. “Michael, Michael, where are you? Why wont you speak to your father and me let us know where you are. It’s not fair…” (James Moloney, lost property, pg57) “There were happier times… I need to keep telling myself that” (James Moloney, lost property, pg98) this indicates the forever love and care she has for her son as she worries and cares about him. As josh learns more about Clive he finds out he is caring and loving of not only the people he knows but also for the people who have lost things. This is shown in the way he cares for the lady who lost a broach that was dear to her, as he offers her a “chair to sit on” and “a cup of tea” (pg5) which shows the care for her and sorrow he feels. In contrast to the past josh has witnessed the effects of non- physical relationships unlike the one with Alicia. This relationship is show as a physical relationship with the actions such as kissed her under the ear, (pg25), hands drifted down the delicious shape of her back… into her bikini paints, (pg25), and I went exploring as id done in the swimming pool, (pg86). Josh’s understandings of relationships grow, as he witnesses these experiences and connections from those around him within his life.
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