Lord of the Flies Intro

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Police, New Orleans Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: September 17, 2008
We are all born with evil and good intensions and we have cilvilisation and law to keep our good intension and keep our bad intensions out. In the book Lord of the Flies writen by Sir William Groulding there are many details that show this. For example when Jack one of the main characters says in the beggining of the novel “we will have rules and obey them. After all, we are not savages we are English and the English are good at everything.” Yet he is the one to break his own rules. When the narrotator says “round the squating child was the protection of parents, police men and law” Later on when Piggy tries to speak with the conch Jack tells him to “shut up the conch does not work on this part of the island.” These are all examples of the boys forgetting all law and revertign back to savagrey. If ther eis not authorive figure among people surely society will deteriorate causing majority of people to revert to there savage forms. William Goulding's alleghorical novel,”Lord of the Flies” is an excelent example of how civilization and law is key to keeping the righteous away from evil.

“We will have rules and obey them. After all we are english and the english are good at everything.” This shows that in the begginning of the novel just like Ralph, Jack wants to have a cicilised society. But yet as time goes on Jack is the one who breaks his rules. In the real world there are rules that are made yet majority of the time they are broken by the ones who enforce them and the citizens. In the city of New Orleans when hurricane Katrina struck the city there was
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