Living with Honor

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Virtue Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Living With Honor

"You Can Win" by "Living With Honour". For the readers who are not aware, "You Can Win" is another Best Seller and internationally acclaimed artwork by the same writer of "Living With Honour". When I was requested for writing a summary of the later one I dived into doing some sort of research on the writer himself rather than the book. The contemporary "Ring Master" of Management like him with the years of experience shows all through the books with a down to earth approach even for the most intricate problem. Both of the books has a common sense appeal and induces the reader to refer to it again and again. The books make one ponder on what his ultimate aim in life should be and how he is going to achieve it. One would realise while he is not expected to win every battle but the war has to be won. While "You Can Win" shows you the saga to the winning, "Living With Honour" on the other hand reminds you that "Win but not selling your souls". Somebody might try to outrun my saying by, "It doesn't matter whether you win by an inch or by a mile; winning is winning", why not give it a second thought? Is it really true? Somebody will be saying you, "You are a liar, you cheated". Reading the book I was wondering about one famous story from Abraham Linkoln. To my utmost astonishment I found the story in the book.

In this book he has covered subjects as varied as Gaining Reputation, building the foundation towards success, ideals behind the principles, justice, and freedom for life among others. Shiv takes the reader thrugh his own as well as a host of other world leader’s experiences and insights to keep the reader’s mind fresh and enthusiastic throughout the book. Shiv Khera has the capacity to simplify very deep philosophies and make the reader realise its true worth. As Washington Irving said Great minds have purposes, others have wishes and Shiv goes on to explain Goals, Dreams, desires and fears ET all. As one goes back to the book again...
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