Literary Exploration Earnest Shackleton

Topics: Morality, Parent, Novel Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Question Asked: What is your opinion of the idea that our values influence the choices we make? Introduction 1: Preview of the movie Frankenstein and the Novel the Bean Trees.
-Victor Frankenstein
-Desire, Motivation and Determination to achieve a certain goal. -How his personality affects his actions in the future and how he handle the consequences.
-Taylor as a kid.
-How Taylor’s mother raised her.
-Taylor’s personality, moral values and the teachings of her mother.

Paragraph 2:
Paragraph 3:
Paragraph 4:
Paragraph 5:
Conclusion 6:

Have you ever wondered how our parent’s taught us good values when we were a kid? Well, I have, which is why I believe that our values influence the choices we make. I believe for 3 reasons: First, Our actions reflect to our own personality on how our parents taught us to interact with our own daily lives which are problems, social relationships and responsibilities. We are flooded with responsibilities that we do in our daily lives that we should put accountability that reflects to our attitude towards how our parent’s raised us in our early stages of life. Second, according the novel The Bean Trees, Taylor the protagonist was raised by his sweet loving mother by teaching good moral and values. Later in life, Taylor’s decisions in life is different in the community, she never got pregnant while others youth does, she never quit school while other youth does and most of all, she has an ambition to move out from Kentucky to have a good life which her mother supports her decision in life. Third, according to the movie Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein the protagonist has a different perspective and goals which is to create a life. The best example that illustrates...
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