Liberty University APOL 104 Quiz 6 complete solutions correct answers key

Topics: Morality, Ethics Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: September 11, 2015
Liberty University APOL 104 Quiz 6 complete solutions correct answers key More than 3 versions
Find the complete solutions correct answers key at Typically a subjectivist wants to be treated subjectively by others Which Greek philosopher is most commonly associated with hedonism? Some forms of deterministic thinking describe certain behaviors as a matter of genetic destiny rather than personal choice John Calvin’s teachings may be considered by some to be an example of: Which of the following statements gives the best description/s of Subjectivism These theories specifically focus on the results/end of an act to determine the morality of that act. Christian ethics contends that the absolute standard of goodness is the very person of God. A deterministic approach always gives a sense of relief to an individual. Using a relativistic approach, what is true now may not be true in the future The Bible indicates that not all pleasures are good and not all pain is evil Determinism provides a means to avoid moral responsibility

Jesus made it clear that it is impossible for man to justify himself The fact that we see diversity between the morals of cultures is a clear indication that moral absolutes do not exist "Soft determinism" is less harsh in its rhetoric than is "hard determinism", but the two are consistent in the final outcome As Christians, the Bible should be our ultimate guide for making moral decisions Ethics has to do with what a person ought to do rather than what a person does A person who determines morality based upon what man says or thinks is approaching morality Hedonism views actions by their resulting

Hedonism does not acknowledge the existence of moral absolutes Who is most closely associated with Utilitarianism:
A person’s worldview should impact their approach to moral decision making Jesus made the assertion that there is direct relation...
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