Leman Etics Case

Topics: Decision theory, Management, Ethics Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 11, 2014

1. Identify and discuss the major issue(s) in the case?
The major issues in this case are Leman’s dilemmas on unusual opportunity as he was invited by Perwaja Steel to attend a weekend fishing expedition at luxury resort with other 25 buyers. The issues arise as his organization does not interpret the trip as representing the company. Leman felt the chance for make extensive deal with Perwaja Steel by approaching the Managing Director during the trip would be helpful in order to strike the deal. This could result 10% cost saving towards his organization.

2. What are the key facts of the case?
Key facts of the case would be as follows:
Perwaja Steels is one of the main distributors for Leman’s organization There is luxurious fishing trip organized by Perwaja Steel towards their customers At the same time, Leman interested approaching managing director of Perwaja Steel to make to hold arrangement that could result 10% saving. Leman’s organization does not interpret the trip as representing on behalf of the company.

3. What is the main problem in the case?
The main problem on this case is about ethic. The ethical problem is as opposed to the process in determining the best solution for the best operation management. The balance between the right ethical conduct and the personal interest that occurred, conflicting Leman in making wise decision.
4. What alternatives should you consider when addressing this problem? Leman should look at the company past records on market practice in addressing this problem. He could also propose the same proposal with other distributors. In addition to that, Leman also can seek opinion / legal advice / consultation from his supervisor or legal officer from his organization.

5. How would you decide on the issue?
Leman should not strike the deal on behalf his organization during the trip. It should use the trip to know the personnel of Perwaja Steel’s staff, build up...
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