Lei Feng

Topics: Mao Zedong, Virtue, People's Republic of China Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Introduction of Lei Feng 雷锋

Lei Feng was an exemplary soldier of our People’s Liberation Army. Lei was a selfless and modest person whose life was devoted to our Communist Party, Chairman Mao and the People of China.

Comrade Lei is a model citizen, we should all be inspired by his modesty, selflessness and his devotion to our beautiful country. He was always there for his comrades or his country’s people. No matter who or what they were, comrade Lei was always there for a good deed. His face reflected the thoughtful determination of defending and protecting his country’s people; nowadays people should still be willing to do so. We should focus on Lei Feng and the values he represents, in order not to stray from the right path.

In the modern world, values such as modesty, selflessness and devotion are being replaced by greed, gluttony and egoism, but this is the wrong way. Our society can not survive if we can’t find our way back to the path Lei Feng was walking on. We must pay respect to the glorious soldier and party member from Changsha, or our society will fail miserably. Our values have shifted considerably in the opposite direction.

Where can you see the rich helping the poor or better yet, the rich not ignoring the plight of the poor altogether. Lei Feng would never have forgotten where his origins were and he would always have served the people. When comrade Lei accepted other people’s help, he was never too good to return the favor and always remembered who was there for him in good as well as in bad times. Lei Feng was a sincere, decent young man. Every young man should be like him and care for and respect his fellow human beings.

Comrade Lei didn’t deserve to be torn from life, in our thoughts and our actions, we will always remember him. Rest in peace Lei Feng.
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