Learning Styles Reflection

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Psychology Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 10, 2014
According to the book I have a combination of three styles of online learning that fit me the closest: The Rule-Enhanced Learner, The Structurally-Enhanced Learner, and The Individualistic Learner. The characteristics for a Rule-Enhanced learner that closely describes me are that I enjoy working on my own, pursuing my special interests and that periodic, focused communication is preferred. Along with these characteristics are that I enjoy learning by doing things and I respond well to direction and guidance; which describes the Structurally-Enhanced Learner in me. The online learning style that I most identify with is the Individualist Learner. I am most comfortable working alone, I like to think I have good research skills, special interests really capture my full attention and I do believe I have a natural talent in technical matters. While reading over the learning environments, I found that I identified with several of them and would work well in all of them. There are two in particular that I would choose if I had to. Those being a flexible learning environment and internalized learning environments. I enjoy reading and listening to the presentations. These are easier for me to follow in that I can go back and re-read or rewind something that I missed. I also enjoy individualized study, being able to study in a way that benefits how I learn, instead of being fit into someone else’s box. Experimental learning, trial and error, loose organization are all great things I enjoy about the flexible learning environment. I love that I can take the time to research something online without having to wait for the class to be over, by then I would have forgotten what I wanted to research. For example, I was able to take the Jung Typology Test and confirmed that I am in fact an INFT personality something that I will need to incorporate is a more regulated learning approach and make sure that I am focusing on details and step-by-step approaches to my course work. God...
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