Learning Styles

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: December 5, 2013

Veronica Kimble
6 November 2013
INFT 101
Learning Styles

I never really understood what type of learner I was exactly until now! I have always heard the saying “you learn something new every day” and I most certainly did. Everybody learn in different ways there is no doubt about that. There are 3 different types of learners which include a visual, auditory, and a kinesthetic leaner which I had never heard of until fully understanding the meaning of each type of learning style. I also learn different strategies these kind of learners use. I am more of a visual learner; I realized this by doing the learning styles quiz. I would rather see someone showing expression and giving hands on when trying to explain something rather than me listen to it. I have some of the qualities as an auditory learner such as talking to myself while reading through something or reading my notes out loud while studying, so I think I’m a combination of those two. All of the things that were listed under my learning style, I do all of those things. There were different strategies these different types of learners used. There are three things that I can say that I do the most while learning that was listed under my learning style, but the main one is picturing something in my head in order for me to remember it correctly. The other two that I use the most are visualizing my material when I’m reading and using highlighter and color coordinating my notes. Even though I’ve used all kind of different type of strategies I haven’t used a couple of them in a while. If I was to start taking detailed notes during lectures or presentations and learning from diagrams, videos, handouts, and illustrations it would all be new for me being that I’m an online student and have been for a while. Those are some disadvantages of being an online student, some students don’t really get the opportunity to be right there in the classroom getting hands on help from their instructor and...

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