Learning Styles #3 Assignment

Topics: Learning, Education, Knowledge Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Upon completion of the learning style inventory exercises, I gained awareness of the learning styles that will continue to be discussed throughout the duration of this course. Being introduced to the different types of learning styles are of vital importance to me as a student, as it helps me discover ways in which I learn. The purpose of this exercise is to help us identify ourselves in accordance to when we feel successful at learning, and by that, what techniques we use and how we apply them to learn to the best of our ability. We were instructed to fill out various interrelated ideas on how people learn, and based on our personal opinions; rate them on a scale of one through four, with four being the strongest answer. We then would total up our answers, in each of the following categories: Concrete Experience (Feeling), Reflective Observation (Watching), Abstract Conceptualization (Thinking), and Active Experimentation (Doing) and represent our total numbers with drawing four connecting lines to create a formation of a “kite.” In every aspect of the grid within the learning style graph, the illustration of my ‘kite’ hit all the designation points to create a perfect four-sided kite. The numbers in which my lines connected to were all almost, or hit right at the peak of each side of the grid. This essentially means that for each learning style criteria, my totals scored high and were ranked a vast majority of fours. The outcome of this activity, in reference to the textbook, is just a “snapshot” that gives me a picture of who I am today. The results are not to dictate our habits in the sense of our ability to learn, but rather recognizing how we currently learn and how we can open up space for improvement. In the criteria of Concrete Experience, learning with the help of our feelings, my results accumulated to an overall score of forty-three, the highest number one can score on the grid. This learning style requires a preference of learning things that...
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