Learning Styles

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Personal Learning Styles

Knowing the way in which you learn best and being able to have target strategies to learn new skills and information is key in effective academic learning. Based upon the three general styles of learning, Visual, Auditory, and Tactile, my personal learning style is Visual.

All of the characteristics in which I learn most effectively are for visual learning. All of the key elements for the visual learning style Because apparent to me early on in my education. As early as my teenage years, I was able to learn most any skill simply by watching, observing and making visual ques. I could travel in a car to any new location, no matter the distance, and I would make visual notes in my head of various landmarks on the way. Sometimes these landmarks were as simple as a tree. After only a single trip to the specific destination, I was able to travel back to that location any time I needed. This example encompasses some of the key elements for visual learners, such as learning through images, spatial representations, images, mental maps, and of course, a good sense of direction due to good spatial sense. In addition, I have always preferred concrete examples, and I often reply to someone with responses such as, "I see what you mean", or "I can't quite it".

There are specific learning strategies for visual learners that can enhance the learning process and even make acquiring knowledge easier. A few strategies are to write things down, sometimes even more than one time. This helps you remember them better and the visual of writing helps the memory process. Another strategy is to study by yourself. Visual learners often do better by themselves because there are no distractions and this helps with eh focusing on visual markers. Other strategies for visual learners are to underline the main points in an eye catching color, such as neon highlighters, review your underlined and highlighted material, and add symbols, shapes, any images to material...
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