Learning Style Inventory

Topics: Psychology, Knowledge, Writing Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Cherry Elizes
Essay #1 - Writing Activity #2
EN 101/T. Silver

Learning Style Inventory Reactions

Just as there are differences in the personality of people, there are also differences in the ways that we learn and use information in writing. Some people tend to be reflective while others show non-intellectual manner in the way they process information. As we have different preferences in learning, we tend to change and adjust our learning strategies based on our own development and in which we find ourselves. By understanding ourselves, we become more aware of these differences and more capable of adjusting to new situations throughout our lives as either learners or writers.

Through the evaluation of the Learning Style Inventory, the results confirmed some of the personalities that I already knew about myself and some of which I was surprised to know about, both as a learner and a writer. The results showed that I am an independent, pragmatic, verbal, emotional, and both a concrete and an abstract learner. As an independent learner, I agree that in such situations, like writing a reflection essay for example, I would mostly prefer to work alone than working with a group of people while sharing thoughts and ideas because knowing myself, I know that my mind process best when I work alone. It is when I am alone and in a quiet place that Elizes 2

I can concentrate and focus best on what I am supposed to write. It is where I can picture things in my head and where I can just let my mind roam freely until the ideas comes to me. I also agree that I am more of a pragmatic learner than a creative one because I mostly learn through taking down information step by step. In other words, I use a “structured” kind of study environment where I generate a list of either steps, rules, processes, or procedures on how to study a certain material. I am also an emotional learner because I focus more on writing about personal response or certain material...
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