Learning in School or Experience

Topics: Teacher, Education, Knowledge Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: July 30, 2013
What is more important to a person’s education: things learned in school or through life experiences? Nowadays, education plays an important role in society which always requires innovations in most of fields. There are a lots manners to approach to education in specific majors: some people prefer getting knowledge in school, others choose accumulating real lessons from their own experiences. Whatever our choice also brings us some benefits and advantages that help us gain our targets. Teachers in school teach us basic lessons which help us be able to catch facts of matters. On the other hand, real life create environments for us to apply what they learned to their everyday society and economy which show us how stuffs work actually. In other words, school helps us get issues and experiences in reality helps us expand issues. Both lesson in school or experience are two aspects of success recipe. Imagine that you intend to make a machine which will create electricity without understanding basically about principle of electricity, how can it appears as well. In that case, how could you figure out the starting point and make a plan for your processing. Meanwhile, if you have knowledge about electricity already and think of this machine every single day, how can you pioneer this wonderful machine without working out it over and over. Although there are a lots of factors build successes, backgrounds which you get in school and experiences that you gain through real life are the prominent things that take you go beyond. All in all, we are not able to define which one is more important than other because both of them are indispensable to our education journey. One is the first step and another one helps us overcome difficulties which we always have to face on other steps.
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