Learning does not eradicate ignorance

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Learning is the consistent and deep engagement of the mind and body in the active pursuit of knowledge and experience from birth to death. “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” -Albert Einstein.   Now, science is helping to support the importance of learning in keeping brains active and healthy for a lifetime. But on the other hand, ignorance is bliss.Ignorance is much easier: it asks nothing, requires nothing, and means nothing. It’s comfortable. This seems to be destroying humanity, slowly but surely. So, it is extremely necessary to eradicate ignorance. But learning does not eradicate ignorance..!!!

Choose to be ignorant? Or Lack Knowledge?
Choosing to be ignorant, simply means that you stop yourself from learning and nothing more. You have already made up your mind, reinforced with your faith and belief, so as to ignore new knowledge from being learned. This only happens when one has no control of ego or do not realize their ego is more than they can handle. It is really sad, when someone decides to choose ignorance over learning, because they believe they already have the knowledge they need for their entire life. This is false, foolish and human nature misunderstood by them. They make decisions or choices, solely based on old knowledge and past experiences, without imagination or fore-sight. Their individual limited scope for awareness is limited by their own ego, yet do not see it for what it is truly. A problem!

Choose to be ignorant is bad...
How would you like to be "X"ed out, because you choose to be ignorant? Would you like your life to end abruptly, because you choose to not learn anymore? Would you like for your family to struggle, having to deal with your ineptitude? Who knows? Your ego right this second is pounding to the front of your brain and calling me all sorts...
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