Leadership and Group Decision Making

Topics: Leadership, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Leadership and Group Effectiveness

The dynamics of group decision making is the central focus in the film 12 Angry Men. The leaders of the group are defined by two separate characteristics; those that are appointed as the leader and those with no special title that emerge as influential. In the movie you can recognize several concepts covered by Kinicki and Kreitner in their book Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior (second edition). I will be discussing the concepts of task identity, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, group think, and motivation. 12 Angry men is about a group of jurors attempting to render a unanimous verdict in the murder trial of a teenage boy. This boy happens to be Hispanic and poor. The room is very hot and the jurors want to make a quick decision so they can leave the room quickly. Right away the leader of the jury asks for a vote without talking about the evidence. The vote is 11-1 guilty. We can see that informational and normative influences played a role in the vote. The behavior of the jurors who voted guilty showed signs of the limitations of decision- making based on majority processes. These 11 jurors now turned to juror number 8 to see why he voted not guilty. Juror number 8 (Fonda) begins to display task- related functions by offering up a new idea to the group. The idea that the boy is not guilty. This creates new options and processes for the group to explore. There becomes a power struggle between juror number 8 and those jurors that are adamant the boy is guilty. The fact that Fonda’s character is task-oriented is embodied in the scene where he crumbles up a tic- tac- toe game the other jurors were playing while he is talking. This action serves as an emphatic reminder to abide to their objective by not trivializing the groups role as jurors. Fonda is committed to helping the jurors stay on task until the process is completed. According to 888888, leadership is defined as a process that...

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