Language is not the only problem faced by students

Topics: Student, International student, Climate change Pages: 4 (905 words) Published: June 22, 2014
 According to Coughlan (2011), in 2009, there were approximately a whopping 3.43 million foreign students studying at International Universities worldwide, and most of them are in a situation where they encounter an array of obstacles. Apart from the problem of language being a communication barrier, international students also suffer from hindrances such as integrating into another culture, adapting to climate changes, and even the unfortunate case of racial discrimination. This essay will explore the financial difficulties experienced by some students, culture shock, and lastly, the sense of alienation of the students. The first problem for many international students is to understand the spoken language of the people they need to deal with every day. They might need it even on minor things such as purchasing something from the local store, or communicating on public transports and also, more importantly in their academic studies. Many of them find it hard to accustom to the speed of speech, the different accents and in many cases the words and phrases used. They may also be unfamiliar with cultural conventions such as ways of greeting, requesting and apologizing. Because of the language constraints, it is arduous for international students to wholly understand the requirements of the tutors or even what the tutor expects of them, like being more engaged in class discussions. The tutors may find it hard to perceive the needs of international students if they are not able to speak out for themselves. Similarly, when it comes to learning effectively, a key ingredient to allow for this is the friendly interaction, within a classroom, between international students. (Bamford, 2008) The workload burden of the international students could also be affected because of the language limitations. Despite the fact that language is a major problem, it however is definitely not the sole problem. It is also the case with financial difficulties. Financial pressure can be...

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