Kolbs TheoryKolbs Experiential Learning Cycle Was

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Kolb’s Theory
Kolb’s experiential learning cycle was created by David A. Kolb born in America 1939. He created this diagram and published his findings in 1984 to show that “learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experiments”. The diagram consists of 4 stages.

. Concrete experience (or “DO”)
. Reflective observation (or “OBSERVE”)
. Abstract conceptualization (or “THINK”)
.Active experimentation (or “PLAN”)

He defines these learning styles through what he sees to be the conditions how learners learn better. . Assimilators, who learn with sound/logical theories to consider . Converters, who learn with practical applications/concepts of theories . Accommodators, who learn with hands on experience

. Diverges, who learn when observing and collecting information
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