Knowledge, Nike

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Nike, Knowledge acquisition.
How Nike inc. in acquiring knowledge and developing it over the years since its stated first movement in shoes, sport apparel and equipment business . The knowledge is not just data or information it is a constantly changing mixture of experience, values, contextual information and expert insight that creates a background for evaluating and implementing new experience and information (Lynch, 2006). It originates and is applied in the minds of knower. Company tries to put this concept in the mind of every managers and employees. Nike implements it know-how to achieve great success consequently to great sale. Company uses divisional structure to allocate resource and tools to operate efficiently. It divided whole company to 5 departments: HR, Marketing & Sale, Accounting, Production, and Design & Development that have two distinct tacit and explicit forms of knowledge and tools to exploit. Tacit knowledge is difficult to specify. It is unclear, often complex, unwritten, and unrecorded. And knowledge that can be given precise definition further analysis is called explicit knowledge. Every single department has unique way to operate individually and within organization. Knowledge in Marketing & Sales

Tacit knowledge
Marketing and Sales staff has experience in creating sustainable relationship with customers that helps to generates positive outcomes in selling goods. Through dealing with customers, may quickly identify the needs and wants of customers and may understand customer’s feeling while young staff may not have those. Core competency in Nike's strategy is strong brand building through heavy advertising and sponsorship in local and international sport competitions. Nike employs very successfully images of popular athletes to make especially young people to associate every Nike branded products with successfull and stylish sport stars in order to promote its product to presuade cutomers to but them. For example, Michael...
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