Knowledge Management Techniques

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Question 1 – What is Knowledge Management?
Elaborate Your Views:
PART A (i)

A good operational definition of knowledge management is the deliberate introduction of an improved and more effective information environment
(Koenig, 1999, p. 77)

My Answer:
Knowledge, by definition: is broad and wide in its scope. This statement seems to imply knowledge to be of an explicit nature. Explicit knowledge is “information or knowledge that is set out in tangible form” (Koenig, May 2012): which refers to those information which has been put in words or writing, for example, rules, procedures, user manuals and databases.

Koenig scopes the statement from a practical and enterprise viewpoint, by using words such as “operational definition”. We assume that Koenig relates the concept into operational practice and apply this discipline to support the routine functions or activities of a certain specific business domain or organization. Similarly “deliberate introduction” implies that there is a systematic methodology, possibly with gradual introduction and careful planning. It could well-meant that users and owners of this knowledge management system are well-equipped with skills and are being educated with appropriate trainings. The most important aspect of this statement is that it defines the objective of knowledge management briefly and it illustrates the output of knowledge management in a simplified context – that is to achieve an “improved” and “more effective information environment”. The statement also covers the essentials of knowledge management holistically from the enterprise practice.


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PART A (ii)

[KM is] the capability of an organization to create new knowledge, disseminate it throughout the organization and embody it in products, services and systems. (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, p. 58)

My Answer:
To better understand the notion of this statement, it is beneficial to understand the background of Nonaka and Takeuchi's...
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