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Module: Knowledge Information Systems
Module Co-ordinator:Dr Ignazio Cabras
Assessment: Open
Maximum word count: 4,000
Release:Noon, Monday 10th February 2014
Submission: Noon, Wednesday 14th May 2014

Important information.

If you are unable to complete your open assessment by the submission date indicated above because of Mitigating Circumstances you should apply for an extension using the form available on Yorkshare. Any extension request must be made before the scheduled deadline indicated above. 10 marks are deducted for every 24 hours (or part thereof) that the submission is late for a total of 5 days. After 7 days it is treated as a non-submission and given a mark of zero. The consequences of non-submission are serious and can include de-registration from the University.

If you submit your open assessment but feel that your performance has been affected by Mitigating Circumstances you should submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim form, available on Yorkshare, by Noon: Wednesday 21th May 2014. Claims submitted after the deadline will not normally be considered. Further details on the remedies likely to be offered to students with accepted Mitigating Circumstances can be found on Yorkshare.

The Knowledge Information Systems module has one assignment, a reflective report based on contents taught during the course. Students will be able to choose which track they wish to expand. The assignment is designed in order for them to achieve the learning outcomes of the module and to develop your subject understanding.

The assignment is set to support you in the development of a case study. The main objective of this assessment exercise is to allow you to be produce a critical and reflective report with regard to issues and challenges related to the development of knowledge and information systems within organisations operating in defined contexts and markets. In addition, the assignment is designed for you to develop a coherent debate based on linkages with themes treated during the course, and of course, to give you more flexibility – in terms of reflective writing and creative thinking- in writing up your report. A list of suggestions and advice has been provided to enable you to complete your assignment more successfully. Finally, detailed marking criteria have been provided at the end which will be used to mark your coursework.

Assignment Track

Knowledge Information Systems in practice: develop your case study

In the past decades, organisations have significantly changed their approach to knowledge. Before, the collection, selection and implementation of data and information were functional to specific productive processes or services often framed in a very restricted scenario. Nowadays, organisations dedicate much more attention to knowledge management with regard to different products and services and possible market scenarios. This effort is often aimed at optimising an organisation's potential in terms of knowledge acquisition, creation, retention, retrieval and sharing among different components and departments. Of course, while investing in knowledge management may bring positive outcomes, it also signifies challenges for organisations with regard to several aspects, e.g. re-configuration of systems and practises, change of structures and procedures andpersonnel training.

Assignment tasks:

You are asked to write a reflective report identifying, exploring, analysing and discussing the development of knowledge management (KM hereafter) and knowledge information systems within an organisation or business company in relation to a specific project, product or service. You can choose to focus on steps and actions undertaken by the selected organisation in order to improve their KM strategy with regard to a particular aspect or issue, such as:

The introduction of a new product or service operated by...
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