Knowledge Management for Toyota Motors

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* 2.1 SCOPE
* 2.4 Vision Statement
* 2.5 Mission Statement

3.1 Strategy Assessment of Apple

* 3..1.1 Strategy and key strategy components
* 3.1.2 Operational Excellences
* 3.1.3 Market Sustainability
* 3.1.4 Competitive edge
* 3.1.5 Current performances of the strategy
* 3.1.7 Potential opportunity for improvement
* 3.1.6 Organizational gap analysis

3.2 Knowledge Assessment of Apple

* 3.2.1 Current applied stage of Knowledge Management Concept? * 3.2.2 The key tacit knowledge needed to support the business strategy * 3.2.3 Key challenges to manage tacit
* 3.2.4 Tacit knowledge residing to date
* 3.2.5 The Company’s Knowledge strategy
* 3.2.6 The gaps between Business strategy and Knowledge strategy


There is a growing recognition in the business community about the importance of knowledge as a critical resource for the organization. In this new economy, individuals and companies are obliged to focus on maintaining and enhancing their knowledge capital in order to innovate. Their ability to learn, adapt and change become a core competency for survival. Apple is an American Based Company, which is famous in manufacturing the “Computers and peripherals ” products, It has its roots in some of the other countries which have different culture, diverse human nature, different work-force caliber and different business streamline. As a knowledge management consultant this report focuses on the assessment of the feasibility of implementing an integrated Knowledge Management System. In the highlights of this ultimate usage of Knowledge Management, this report consists of some basic or primary issues such as: Productivity and Quality, Global Competition, Diversity in Culture, The caliber of the Workforce and Business Streamline. This report also gives a brief overview of some other knowledge transferring related issues. Some of us might think and believe that tacit knowledge can be transferred through one to another, but other have sufficient proof according to some famous sociological and anthropological statements which say that “tacit knowledge cannot be transferred” unless others will experience the same what that person is experiencing. And there are also some thoughts that whether Can human interaction be substituted by a technological system or not?


Apple is a publicly owned Fortune 100 company based in Cupertino, California. The firm operates primarily in the personal computer industry of the wider technology sector. Apple designs, produces, and sells a line of personal computers as well as mobile phones, portable digital media devices, software, and related peripherals and accessories. The firm sells internationally though a mix of direct sales, online and retail stores, wholesalers, and resellers. The scope of Apple is broad targeting customers ranging from unsophisticated beginner users to specials needs power-users. Apple is in the technology sector, and because of the wide scope of its products and services has expanded from the computer industry into peripherals and the digital entertainment industry.

Apple believes a high-quality buying experience with knowledgeable customers who can convey the value of the Company’s products and services greatly enhances its ability to attract and retain the world. Throughout its history, the Company has focused on the use of technology in the real life of mankind and has been committed to delivering tools to help mankind for teaching and learning. It has put goals in place to continuously move straight implemented strategies to complete these objectives and ensured that the exact marketing, financial and operational structures are in place to put the strategies.


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