Knowledge Management -Emerging Perspectives

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Knowledge Management


IBM began serious measures to incorporate Knowledge Management in their business model in 1994. Since that time, they have employed managers devoted sole to KM, in their IBM Collaboration and Knowledge services. The result has been a great deal of IT initiatives for the purpose of sharing knowledge. IBM has software that can be divided into 4 categories: Asset Management, Expertise Location, Collaboration, and On-Demand Learning. According to Karen Ughetta (Director, IBM Collaboration and Knowledge) the Asset Management systems, including KnowledgeView and Xtreme Leverage introduces “the concept of a community of knowledge workers sharing knowledge and collaborating within that Software group. This initiative is a wiki interface where knowledge sellers collaborate to finalize a document that is then added to more sophisticated KM system. It is also important to IBM to ensure the availability of direct knowledge sharing. This is accommodated through the initiative of Expertise Location. IBM makes use of various software including BluePages, Dogear, Sametime, Tommy! and BlogCentral. These programs allow employees to easily find and access the knowledge seller they require among the countless employees of IBM. The IBM Expertise Location systems allow for collaboration, but employees are also able to make use of informative Podcasts, and Activity Centric Computing which allows knowledge codifying to organize data and colleagues into the activities they are associated with. Finally, online meetings are accommodated through the IBM Lotus Sametime Web conference system IBM brings this all together in On-Demand Learning an effective knowledge transfer tool. Learning@IBM is a system which includes wikis, databases, Podcasts and directories of knowledge sellers. This streamlines all KM initiatives into a system that is easy to use and understand. Great effort is made to prevent the knowledge repository from becoming overwhelming and reducing redundancy. KnowledgeView™

KnowledgeView is a formal KM system created by IBM to help transfer knowledge throughout their Global Business Services among over 125,000 registered users. The primary goal of the system is to share intellectual capital that can be leveraged into GBS sales. The system is leveraged from documents, and contains mostly explicit knowledge materials such as proposals, marketing materials, deliverables, practice aides, and specifications. KnowledgeView also provides some tacit knowledge through more informal documents such as reactions to engagement experiences. All of this information and data is codified through search engines and filters. If the knowledge seeker is unable to find what they are looking for using these expert system tools, the IBM Practitioner Support Network will provide a knowledge broker to help. This network includes formal corporate librarians with the sole purpose of locating necessary information and assisting in collaborative efforts. The system can be used collaboratively as well, allowing not only documents to be shared, but also your own research of these documents. Over 500 project teams are connected through KnowledgeView so that the experiences of one team may benefit the other. If there is an overlap in relevant content between projects, a collaborative research portal can be created in the system to enhance the efficiency of both teams. With over 75,000 pieces of intellectual capital worldwide, KnowledgeView provides relevant knowledge on most any subject. However, like any KM system, there can be asymmetry on the knowledge available. If information on a specific product or service is sparse or unavailable in KnowledgeView, the IBM Practitioner Support Network can...
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