Knowledge Management Case Study

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Knowledge Management
Case Study – SC Artis Bio Tech SRL

22 May 2012

1. Introduction

Based on the current economic climate, only companies which have the ability to adapt to continuous changes, shape their business strategies according to the market and take calculated risks will be able to survive. Attributes such as creativity, flexibility and competitiveness have become of the utmost importance for leading organizations. Although the current economic situation has proved disastrous for many of the companies, there is though a prosperous segment that not only managed to survive the crisis but had the opposite tendency to increase in value, the dental services and equipment market. As showed in the graphic below, from 2003 to 2008, the number of private dental practices has increased from 5,000 to 8,000 units, with a growth rate of 60%.


It comes to no surprise that based on the current growth tendencies the prosperous business climate has a lot to offer to distributors, because, in a simple comparison with the car manufacturing market, the demand has not decreased. Therefore, Artis Bio Tech, the most important distributor of dental implants, biomaterials and surgical instruments is one of the best examples of how businesses manage to withstand the crisis, moreover having an increase in the turnover.

2. General presentation of the company

SC Artis Bio Tech SRL is a medical distribution company with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. The business is specialized in implant systems, biomaterials and surgical instruments, being a trusted partner of specialists in dentistry since 2006. The company began by importing and distributing Alpha Bio Tec products on the market as Alpha Bio Romania brand and further enriching its portfolio with three product ranges: Geistlich biomaterials, Aesculap surgical instruments and Dentspy Friadent XiVE Implant System, all premium class products.

This development led to the need for repositioning and identity redefinition of Alpha Bio Romania, which was no more solely focused on product distributor of Alpha Bio Tec Israel. Thus, Alpha Bio Romania became Artis Bio Tech (Art in Stomatology - Bio Technology). The new identity is meant to distinguish this vendor on the Romanian market and to position it according to its coordinates: the provider of every specialist who wants to keep up with developments in the dental field and to be at the top in terms of technology. The new slogan, "In step with time," reflects the company’s vision to provide the latest technology available on the market. Artis Bio Tech mission is to remain the leader in the Romanian dental implantology market, offering customized and innovative solutions and to be recognized by its customers as a top services partner. Maintaining a tight relationship with the producers, Artis Bio Tech manages to bring the latest research and information regarding its marketed products. Counting on the same close relationship with doctors and their patients, it facilitates access to information and working methods specified by the manufacturer. In addition, under a new name but at the same level of professionalism, Artis Bio Tech provides to its customers permanent stocks of products, supplies being made quickly and professional, bringing extra safety and satisfaction in doctor-patient relationship-dealer.

Table 1: The present structure of the company’s personnel

|Personnel’s category |Total |Superior |Medium studies | | | |studies | | |Executive Management |2 |2 |- | |Marketing and Commercial |2 |2 |- | |Economic and Financial |1 |1...
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