Knowledge Management

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Applied HRM Project
A Report On

“Knowledge Management”



I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to my supervisor Mr Kakavelakis Konstantinos for his kind guidance, feedback and comments throughout the learning process of this project. I would like to thank all my group members who were very supportive throughout this project. I would also like to thank my parents who have been very helping and praying for my success throughout my educational career. Finally I would like to thank my wife who was always there helping and cheering me up throughout this project.

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Executive Summary

Knowledge Management has become a key process in all sorts of businesses around the world from domestic to international firms and from engineering firms to big industries such as oil and gas. The first perspective of Knowledge management (KM) was technological driven, however in very recent times the social or behavioural perspective of knowledge Management has become more practical and popular amongst experts. This research focuses on how a consultant can assist and facilitate knowledge sharing the subsidiaries of a multinational corporation using the behavioural approach. The company has previously relied on technological approach but didn’t meet the desired results. The research has conducted an extensive literature review on knowledge management, social and technological approaches to knowledge management, the short comings of technological approach and how social perspective can overcome those shortcomings. The research also focuses on key reasons for adopting social perspective to knowledge Management and also the problems the organisation might face while sharing knowledge amongst its subsidiaries that are situated at different locations. The research understand the technology is highly important for transfer and communication of knowledge within and between the subsidies of an MNC, however the use of technology without social and behavioural modelling won’t yield the required objectives the organisation wants to achieve. The research has therefore devised a socio-technological strategy for the MNC to follow in order to obtain better results because such framework compliments the innovative technology coupled with best behavioural practices for the organisation to obtain the required results. The paper after stating the aims and objectives have a brief introduction of the topic where the concept of knowledge sharing in subsidiaries of an MNC is briefly stated. Introduction is followed by a detailed literature review where evidence from credible sources including journals, publications and academic articles are reviewed to have a clear idea of various aspect of knowledge management in an MNC. The research has deeply reviewed the literature to highlight various aspects of technological and social perspective of knowledge management and why technology alone without social perspective is unable to achieve the required results. Literature review is followed by discussion and analysis of views and ideas of various authors and business experts regarding social and technological perspective and has devised a strategy which is a combination of both perspectives and is called socio-technological perspectives which states that behavioural practices are required to insure that organisation goals of knowledge Management is affectively achieved via innovative technology. The behavioural and social perspective requires that HR tools of training, motivation and personal development is affectively used. In the end there is a brief conclusion of the paper followed by some recommendations to be followed by the MNC to have affective Knowledge Management

1. Research Aims and Objectives

1.1 Aims

The basic aim of this study is to carry out an extensive research that cans the help the manager of a...
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