Knowledge Management

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Knowledge management is a process of transforming information and intellectual assets into enduring value. Knowledge Management has two type:
1. Tacit Knowledge
Highly personal, means the knowledge is unrecorded and unarticulated and it’s hard to formalized and therefore difficult, if not sometimes impossible to communicate. 2. Explicit Knowledge
Formal and systematic, and can be easily to communicated and share, for example in a book or a database in a library. Knowledge Hierarchy, to transfer tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge we need to use Human Resource Management. WISDOM

easier to accessKNOWLEDGE
We need knowledge management to reacting to new business opportunities and to build brain sensitivity to brain drain. So that we could create, transfer and apply knowledge with the purpose of better achieving objectives. Because knowledge is really important to achieve the goals. What forces us to have knowledge management first is increasing in Domain Complexity means that is intricacy of internal and external processes, increased competition, and the rapid advancement of technology all contribute to increasing domain complexity. Second is Accelerating Market Volatility means that the pace of change, or volatility, within each market domain has increased rapidly in the past decade. Third is Intensified Speed of Responsiveness means the time required to take action based upon subtle changes within and across domains is decreasing. And the last is Diminishing Individual Experience means it’s like a high employee turnover rates have resulted in individuals with decision-making authority having less tenure within their organizations than ever before. Roles of knowledge management workers is analyzing data to establish relationships, assessing input in order to evaluate complex or conflicting priorities, identifying and understanding trends, making connections, understanding causes and effects,...
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