Knowledge Management

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Question 1

Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated

approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving and sharing all of an enterprise

information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures

and such. Knowledge management efforts typically focus on organizational objectives such

as improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, integration and continuous

improvement of the organization.

Basically, there are several role of Knowledge Management as one of the

source of wealth to organization. The first role of Knowledge Management is create and

develop competative advantage by using participatory methods of acquiring

knowledge. For example, this competative advantage increase due to changing of customer

needs. When customer needs and demand of certain things increase, it will intense the

competative advantages among the organizations in the country. They will try to compete to

each other such by using new technology, new idea or method in order to meet the customer

needs. Therefore, we can see that there is use of new technology and Knowledge

Management as one of their source to increase their wealth. Successful knowledge

Management enables organizations to make more intelligent decisions.

The second role of knowledge management is to integrate tacit and explicit knowledge within the organization. This can be done through integrate, sharing and developing tacit knowledge of ones’ employee and being applied in a system or culture of the organization. As a result, knowledge and information is available and possible in a firm. Then, this can create a wealth to the organization by conversion of tacit knowledge into an explicit knowledge. Means, an expert worker who has knowledge will present this through his or her action, reaction and intuition. The tacit employer must...
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