Knowledge Management

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Answer all the questions(10x2=20)

1. Define Knowledge Management.
Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences 2. List various team members in knowledge management system. a. Knowledge manager

b. Project Manager
c. Technology coordinator
d. Moderator
e. Knowledge Broker
3. List the success factors in Knowledge Management.
f. Leadership
g. Culture
h. Structure,roles and responsibilities
i. Information technology infrastructure and
j. Measurement

4. What is the role of knowledge Management officer?
k. Set strategic priorities for knowledge management.
l. Establish a knowledge repository of best practices. m. Gain a commitment from senior executives to support a learning environment. n. Teach information seekers how to ask better and smarter questions. o. Establish a process for managing intellectual assets. p. Obtain customer satisfaction information in near real time. q. Globalize knowledge management.

5. Define tacit knowledge.
Tacit knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it. 6. Write the role of IT in KM.

7. How can knowledge are diffused in an organization.
8. Write any two features of knowledge based business.
The more use knowledge-based offerings,the smarter they get
Knowledge based products and services adjust to changing circumstances

9. State the implications of knowledge management strategy. Knowledge management enables the sharing and codification of tacit knowledge. Knowledge management enables collaboration in innovation.

10. State the contents of knowledge management system
Knowledge generation
Knowledge codification
Knowledge transfer

PART – B(15x4=60)

11. a. Explain how elements of knowledge Management play a key role in managing an organization effectively. Technologies
r. Communication
i. Access knowledge
ii. Communicates with others
s. Collaboration
iii. Perform groupwork
iv. Synchronous or asynchronous
v. Same place/different place
t. Storage and retrieval
vi. Capture, storing, retrieval, and management of both explicit and tacit knowledge through collaborative systems Supporting technologies
u. Artificial intelligence
vii. Expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, intelligent agents v. Intelligent agents
viii. Systems that learn how users work and provide assistance w. Knowledge discovery in databases
ix. Process used to search for and extract information 1. Internal = data and document mining
2. External = model marts and model warehouses
x. XML
x. Extensible Markup Language
xi. Enables standardized representations of data
xii. Better collaboration and communication through portals

b. Explain the need of knowledge society building in meeting various requirements of Indian Industry.

12. a. Explain the obstacles implementing in Knowledge Management.

b. Explain the Multidisciplinary nature of KM in brief.
Multidisciplinary Nature of KM
Knowledge management draws upon a vast number of diverse fi elds such as: •
Organizational science

Cognitive science

Linguistics and computational linguistics
• Information technologies such as knowledge-based systems, document and information management, electronic performance support systems, and database technologies • Information and library science

Technical writing and...
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