Knowledge Is Power

Topics: Ignorance, Learning, The Holocaust Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit
Is ignorance bliss or is knowledge power? This question is one that everyone must ask and answer for themselves. One can live an ignorant life full of happiness, yes, but also full of seclusion and lies or choose to become enlightened and live a possibly more difficult life that has a more positive impact on society. Knowledge brings society forward and inspires perseverance; through this its benefits outweigh its costs. There are enumerable events in history that would be easier to forget. Slavery, the holocaust, and the Cambodian genocide are all dark marks on humanity's past. It makes one uncomfortable and unhappy to learn about such events but it's imperative that the world know what has occurred and may be reoccurring under a slightly different name. Without the knowledge of the many injustices in the world they cannot even begin to be solved. It is ultimately much more important to help others than to remain carefree in ignorance. Knowledge has the power to set higher standards and inspire. Before the mid-20th century, no one had ever run a recorded mile in under four minutes. This is now a speed that has been exceeded many times over. Runners simply accepted that they could not run faster until they learned that one had. After the first man ran a mile in under four minutes, many more quickly followed. People weren't suddenly able to run faster, the knowledge that they could run faster enabled them to do so. Some may see knowledge as just a burden but those very people are also overlooking the opportunities knowledge gives along with an obligation: to be uncomfortable but save lives, to feel pressure to work harder but also have the potential to exceed. It's true that what we don't know doesn't have the ability to sadden us, but it also doesn't have the ability to inspire and motivate us.
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