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Question 1
Pass the knowledge to the younger generation
Knowledge of our grandparents is something unique and accent that needed to be preserve. Some of the reasons that knowledge should be documented are to pass the knowledge to the next generation. All the documented knowledge can be easily pass to the next generation especially to the younger generation. In a way the younger generations are able to learn and know the older generation lifestyle. Avoid repeating the same mistakes

Secondly is to avoid repeating the same mistakes which means that the older generations who lived earlier have more experience, independent and learnt more lessons during their life time. Besides, having such experience they are more aware of the situation around them when dealing with problems. Preserve the culture and heritage of the older generation

The reason is to introduce younger generation about the culture of a community and through this documentation the culture can heritages can be preserved and maintained. Besides, the politeness and humbleness of the older generation can be preserve and pass down to the younger generation. To learn the family tree

The younger generations are able to learn their ancestors and the family history due to the documentation. Besides that, there are advantage to learn the medical history of their family and can learn about their relative. To avoid gaps between the younger generation and older generation Letting the younger generation learn about the older generation would allow to strengthen the bond between them. In this way, the younger generation can learn about the lifestyle and implement it as well in their daily life.

Question 2

Old recipes
The old family recipes are among the knowledge that should be preserved so that it can be transferred to the new generation. The old recipes are important to families because usually every family has their own secret recipe that makes their dishes taste differently. By recording the video, new generation can easily learn on how to cook those dishes. 2.

Blog / Online
The older generations’ medical practitioners usually used herbs in their treatment. By posting the knowledge online especially a blog, the knowledge can be shared with others around the world. The purpose of sharing this piece of information in public is that it might encourage the medical researchers to do a research that probably leads them to discover new medicines. 3.

Technical mentoring
Taboos are actions taken or words spoken which are prohibited for religious, social or cultural reason. Usually every culture has its own taboo. This knowledge should be preserved because it symbolizes the culture itself. Technical mentoring is the best way to document the knowledge. This technique involves an older generation who teaches as well as guides a younger generation on how to practice the taboos. 4.

Way of survival
Audio and images
Survival is one of the most needed living skills that one must have in order to survive and to live our live with the fullest. The skills might include the technique used to earn money, to solve family issues, to make friends with others and many more. 5.

Craft/ traditional games
Digital library
The traditional games and craft should be preserved because it helps the younger generation to know better regarding their ancestors. The digital library is suitable for storing this piece of information because the information can be organized and displayed systematically. Perhaps the younger generation could view and learn about craft and traditional games easily.

Question 3
a)According to Chris Bednar (1999), this article is about interviewing and writing as efficient approach of capturing and spreading the knowledge. First approach is interviewing skills. In this approach focus on body language and inflection as well as word. The advantage of interview is clouding...
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