Knowledge as a Bridge for Building Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Clifford Stoll, Education Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Knowledge as a Bridge for Building Relationships
To what extent can literature prove the contribution of knowledge in building relationships between people? Knowledge is “the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject”(“Knowledge”,def.1). Regardless of subject Science, Art or Business, knowledge is very useful in building relationships. When we learn, discuss or share our knowledge, an emotional connection is built between different people. In the video clip, Computers in School, Clifford Stoll's anecdote of him and his astronomy teacher had shown how knowledge connect different people. After Stoll's first experience of the telescope, he “got excited about the astronomy”. Astronomy becomes the knowledge that he wants to gain, and the person to learn from was his teacher. They spent a lot of time together, and his teacher suggested that “if [Stoll] wants to hang around [the lab] all summer, [they] can work in the solar astronomy lab.”(Stoll) A friendly relationship between them is built as Stoll tries to learn from his teacher. Both of them are passionate about the astronomy, thus they started to learn and explore together. The study of astronomy is the key that lead both of them to meeting one another and creating a friendly relationship. Students and teachers in school build relationships with each other with knowledge in a similar way. Since ancient times, students have been going to school to gain knowledge from teachers. This situation pulls two groups of people together. During the process of teaching and learning, teachers and students are gradually building up a trustful relationship. Teachers go into their students' minds as they educate the students. They rely on the teachers to explain theories and facts to them, which generates trust and further develops their relationship. The school is a platform composed of knowledge, which allows teachers and students to encounter. At the same time, this platform let students know each other too. From...
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