Knowledge and Plato

Topics: Knowledge, Epistemology, Soul Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Kate Seeds
June 7 2010
Philosophy 101
Plato argument essay

Plato explains that doctrine of forms is this seeing a object for what it truly is for example its like if you separate roundness of a basketball from its color, its weight. You would then just look at it for what it truly is. why he says this is because a form is just a object. Plato argues about the statement of the immortality of the soul and the acquisition of knowledge in this life as a process of recollection he is explaining that before you are reborn you already have knowledge from your passed life as a soul then when you are reborn you start to recollect the knowledge you already have learned from your pass life journey before being reborn. Plato says this because he trying to aware his readers of what recollection of knowledge means. Plato also gives this statement about knowledge and recollection because he wants to explain to his readers that you already have knowledge what happens that when you are reborn the knowledge this seem to disappear for sometimes into you have a moment where you start to restore or recollect the knowledge from when you was a soul before being reborn. The role that Socrates plays in the process of acquisition of knowledge is that he is trying to found out the true definition of what knowledge really means but the problem he is having that he cant found out what knowledge means because he does not know what knowledge is so therefore he can not look for what knowledge means this relates back to Plato argument where he explain that a person can not look for something if they do not know what they are looking for and a person with knowledge do not need to look for something if they already know it. The role of sense perception in regaining the soul’s awareness of the Forms is explain by Plato as when a baby is born it can right way perceive a object Plato states for a baby to do this it must have came in contact with the forms and the soul when the soul and...
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