Topics: Knowledge, Francis Bacon, Truth Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: July 21, 2014
Know-how is more than knowledge. It puts knowledge to work in the real world. It is how scientific discoveries become routine medical treatments, and how inventions — like the iPod or the Internet — become the products and services that change how we work and play.

The saying "Knowledge is power" is first attributed to philosopher Sir Francis Bacon in 1597. It was true then and it's true now.

Most firms recognize that knowledge in the form of Thought Leadership - delivering new ideas and content to your target audience based on insight into the issues and challenges they face - is an important ingredient for attracting and winning new clients.

Many of us have heard this expression: Knowledge is Power. To fully understand this expression, we first need to define knowledge: 1. truthful information 2. false information thought to be true. Indeed, if you possess knowledge which consists of truthful information, you're well on your way to being empowered. If, however, the knowledge you possess is untrue (as is often the case when this knowledge comes from industries and individuals that place a higher priority on profit than on people), then you may feel empowered, but in reality (where we all live), you are not.

Now that we know about the true and false aspects of knowledge, you should also know that knowledge by itself is often not enough; if you don't have an understanding of the knowledge you possess, it may be difficult if not impossible to put it into practice. And, even more importantly, if you simply accept knowledge as the gospel truth, without a proper understanding of it, there's no way to determine if the knowledge is made up of truthful information. And if it isn't, you aren't going to be the one to benefit; an industry or individual other than yourself will.

How do we acquire knowledge? 1. Passively 2. Actively.

Knowledge gave man the feeling of strength and power. Knowledge develops human faculties. It leads to the excellence of...
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