Topics: Learning, Need, Psychology Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: October 26, 2013
Delaney Yellott
Rori Hoatlin
English 1101
22 August 2013
Knowledge Paper
I would be a great instructor for people who are learning how to use contact lenses. I struggled with trying to wear contacts for 6 years so I know every fear, concern, and issue with them. I posses knowledge on the teenage girl’s mind. I understand the insecurities, irrational thoughts, wants, needs, and fashion choices. The most vital knowledge I posses is my resources. My resources provide me a way to find out any information (to a certain extent) within seconds. I carry around my smartphone everywhere and use it daily to obtain knowledge. I have learned within the past week the hours to the bookstore, the location of the nearest Mexican restaurant, and how to do laundry. The knowledge I need to posses changes and will continue to change based on my circumstances in life. As a kid, I needed to know the most effective way to eliminate zits. As a teenager, I found it necessary to know how to use liquid eyeliner. MapQuest via my iPhone became my best friend and most used resource. Since I have moved to Milledgeville, I had to learn the bus schedule. This English class will help me obtain knowledge by teaching me how best to communicate my knowledge in an eloquent manner. It will also teach me how to use my resources scholastically and effectively. I use the Internet for social and entertainment purposes, but English class will force me to use it for assignments. These would include an online dictionary, thesaurus, grammar websites, and Google for research. Knowledge is key in college, so I need to learn how to utilize my resources.
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