Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Some people say that learning from experience is better than learning from books.

Do you agree? Compare and contrast learning from experience with learning from books. Use examples in your answer.

Learning is a continuous process.And there is no limit to knowledge.Knowledge is vast and we acquire knowledge everyday through the small things in life.Bookish knowledge does not last long as the amount of data present in the books cannot be memorized by everyone.Facts which we read from books today cannot be remembered throughout our lives .And i feel learning from experience gives us a better idea of the subject under study and also we start to analyze things from different dimensions ,and that practical knowledge helps speed up the learning process.

I feel we can learn many things through experience and its definitely better than learning from books.Consider a simple example.How do some people become great chefs ?My mother is a great cook .She did not learn to cook from reading the receipes,instead she learnt cooking through experience.She started to cook at a young age and now she is so good at it ,that she can even prepare an entirely new recepie on her own.This ability is innate in some people .And i think when people practice something they will only get better in what they are doing.As the saying goes "Practice makes a man better ".

Some of us feel after passing out from school or college ,we have acquired knowledge completely or we are masters in our feild.I think the knowledge we acquire from school and college is nothing but minimal and that we have covered only a tip of the iceberg. Afterall most of us just learn to pass the exam and we might even tend omit few portions. I never used to understand computer programming.I always thought it was difficult.But once i started practicing the computer programs i found it very easy .Now i can write programs on my tod and i can say that my programming skills have improved very much.And working for 2 years...
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