KM Models

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Knowledge Management Models

To succed, a knowledge management initiative must have a robust theorical fundation, all models present different perspectives on the key conceptual elements that form the infrastructure of knowledge management.

The von Krogh and Roos Model of Organizational Epistemology
It distinguishes between individual knowledge and social knowledge, and they take an epistemological approach to managing organizational knowledge. Knowledge resides both in the individuals of an organization and, at the social level, in the relations between the individuals. Knowledge is said to be “embodied”; that is, “everything known is known by somebody”. In 1998, von Krogh, Roos, and Kleine examined the fragile nature of KM in organizations in terms of the mind-set of the individuals, communication in the organization, the organizational structure, the relationship between the members, and the management of human resources. These five factors could impede the successful management of organizational knowledge for innovation, competitive advantage, and other organizational goals. Organizations need to put knowledge enablers; overall set of organizational activities that positively affect knowledge creation (typically involves facilitating relationships and conversations as well as sharing local know), in place that will stimulate the development of individual knowledge, group sharing of knowledge, and organizational retention of valuable knowledge-based content.

*The von Krogh and Roos KM model takes an organizational epistemology approach and emphasizes that knowledge resides both in the minds of individuals and in the relations they form with other individuals.

The Nonaka and Takeuchi Knowledge Spiral Model
Nonaka and Takeuchi underline the necessity of integrating two approaches, from the cultural, epistemological, and organizational points of view, in order to acquire new cultural and operational tools for better knowledge-creating organizations....
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