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Topics: Knowledge, Standard deviation, Knowledge management Pages: 4 (833 words) Published: August 23, 2013


The purpose of the research work is to specifically understand the concept of knowledge management, its difference in large enterprises and small enterprises, 7 different categories of knowledge (knowledge about customers, about company’s products/services, intellectual property rights management, about markets, about competition, about processes and methods, about regulatory environment), the criticality of knowledge creation and key challenges for knowledge-intensive SMEs(the identification, capture, storing, mapping, dissemination and creation of knowledge) from different perspectives and for different purposes. Methodology

This paper uses a survey method to collect primary data to study knowledge creation and categorization in automotive components manufacturers. Knowledge creation is gaining importance but R&D spending as a percentage of turnover is very low. International automotive components manufacturers have a better perception about knowledge creation compared to Indian firms. The key challenges for knowledge intensive SMEs are the identification, capture, storing, mapping, dissemination and creation of knowledge. Knowledge management is an integrated and complex social process which has culture, people, finance, technology and organizational structure at its core. Research study finds that innovators are more likely to experience growth than non innovators. The methodology of the research is based on 3 surveys conducted namely for international experts, Indian experts and auto component manufacturers. International experts were asked to give their views on knowledge creation and categorisation in knowledge management in international auto components SMEs whereas Indian experts were consulted for knowledge management in Indian auto components manufacturers. Experts’ gave their views on the automotive components industry as a...
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