Kindred Todd

Topics: Termination of employment, Better, Knowledge Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Kindred Todd a new consultant to a growing consulting firm was presented with a very unique situation when she took on her first client for the firm. Her initial information provided by her boss included intel that the client could benefit from long range planning issues and some continuous quality improvement work. While not enough information is provided in the text to truly formulate an accurate opinion of Kindred Todd I do believe that she did handle the situation to the best that she could. In addition I do believe that her decision to resign after completing her assignment was wrong and not the best choice.

When Kindred Todd first met with her new client she was overwhelmed with questions regarding CQI and what type of experience the company should expect from an expert like her. I believe the biggest issue at this point is the fact that the company has not provided enough training and onboarding support to throw her to the wolves so fast. The text does not provide us with that type of onboarding support was provided to Todd however we do have to question her ability to identify her own development needs. Her boss did mention to her that the client was interested in CQI and she should have requested more support from her boss prior to meeting with the client. Her boss may have been able to better assist her prior to meeting with the client. After meeting with the client she does research CQI and is able to formulate and implement an intervention for the client. However, she could have benefitted greatly by doing this research and learning prior to meeting with the client since her boss did mention that CQI was a point of importance to the client.

Part of starting every new job includes different obstacles and learning experiences that every new associate will typically have to go through. She was fresh out of college and did not have any or much experience as a consultant. I would like to reiterate at this point that we do not know what type of...
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