karl marx communist theory

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Communist Theory
A better understanding of Karl Marx’s and other theorist communist government can be seen in what Marx and these other theorist envision when establishing the communist model, what some of the major problems and flaws of the model were, and reasons why communist nations have fallen. When envisioning communist models and theories, Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, which was published in 1848. The main goal was to focus on class struggle and to motivate common people to rise up and revolt. It was also designed to envision a model government, whose economics would free the lower poor class from tyranny by destroying the rich upper class. According to the Communist Manifesto, communism has ten necessary statutes; Abolition of private property, heavy progressive income tax, abolition of rights of inheritance, confiscation of property rights, central bank, government ownership of transportation and communication, government ownership of factories and agriculture, government control of labor, corporate farms and regional planning, and government control of education. Communist theorist envisioned lower classes rising up and over throwing their rich upper class then settling down to live in a utopian society where there would be no religion, no government, and no private ownership of anything. These theorists felt that if there was no ownership of anything that people would not be greedy (freerepublic.com).

One of the main problems of communism is that it did not understand human nature; it looks good on paper but always fails in practice. When there is no private ownership of anything and people cannot see personal benefit to working harder they usually don’t. One of the basic flaws is that the productive people are punished and the lazy people are rewarded. The basic tenet of communism is that each man should contribute according to his abilities, and receive according to his needs. So in reality if a society punishes workers and...

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