Topics: Democracy, People's Republic of China, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: September 5, 2014

Security is one of the most important thing that covers the sovereignty of a country, that includes even the very secret agenda of its government but what if this security exceed to its limits it is beneficial or not?. One of the main issues today is the cencorship between the google company and the communist republic of china; it is one of the hot topics that bring out the very secret of china’s government against china’s activist. The cencorship is all about letting the china’s government to look or find information about those who were against of their government and never know what purpose. Communist like china is very specific about their security and even kills people just to secure ther sovereignty. This issue creates different mindset to the world regarding how china treats their constituents and how they were controlling its machinery of their republic. The main issue of this is that google turn off the cencorship agreement of china due to their purpose of hacking people using google as their crime, google doesn’t want allow this that’s why they didn’t agree on it for main reason even the other democratic country like US will be open to the cyber attack because china wants to bring down political firewall of those other competing countries but because of disagreement of the google company it becomes their karma and now their political firewall has the tendency to breakdown and now their security is on risk. The first thing that comes out into my minds is that their power has come into their limit; they are controlling and want to extent the power outside their boundaries. They are too aggressive on power and too paranoid on other competing countries about power, economy and fame. They were too obvious about their motive and for me it is not good image to other country, it will bring china into risk of misconception.
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