Job Roles in the Art and Design Industry

Topics: Vogue, Knowledge, Procedural knowledge Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Fashion or actuality (cinema to art, music, to lifestyle), you need to know how to write, and also have some knowledge about things, an education. Literary, literature and philosophy, languages, it doesn't matter, the important thing is to study and learn.
Keep yourself up to date by reading the papers, books, not only best-sellers, also things that help you understand what's going on around the world: biographies, essays, literature from around the world. Everyone thinks they can write about fashion, but it's not true. Educated quotes better the quality of the magazine and prevent it from being common. Studying also helps to develop a work method, knowledge and culture with their references also help creativity.  

Fashion Editor
You don't need to have studied something in particular but to have at least a fashion history and photography course on your belt, it should be mandatory! Anyone can match a sweater with a jacket. It's true, creativity comes from an innate instinct that recognizes what's beautiful, an editor doesn't need to study, however, there are many interesting courses in Italy if you would like to pursue this path. 
Not everyone who attends these schools, academies, universities, will become a stylist, but they will be able to recognize a fabric, how a dress is made, how to move around a creative industry. 
I know most of the stylists of the world, and sometimes when I hear them talk, it surprises me how they end up doing a great job on sophisticated and beautiful shoots. 
They barely can speak their own language. With their natural talent they work well with magazines, make a good salary thanks to all of the publicity, but they don't get to do more. If they do, they usually don't resist long and stay in the stylist category forever without ever making the jump. Fashion is culture, it's more and more combined with cinema and music. If you lack in knowledge, you end up not understanding all of the things happening around you and...
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