Job-Related Decision Making Process

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: March 13, 2006
Job-Related Decision Making Process

Everyday, individuals are faced with opportunities, and with opportunities we are faced with decisions. Large or small, decisions have the potential to make lasting changes on our lives. For example, the decisions that we make in response to a marriage proposal or a job offer could change the course of our lives forever. To assist one in the decision-making process, tools and techniques have been developed. One such technique, the Plan, Do, Check and Act process, or PCDA, developed by Dr. Walter D. Shewhart (DeJanasz, Dowd & Schneider, 2001) can assist us in the decision making process. The PCDA process will be examined in this paper, and be applied to a job-related decision that I recently made. The decision that I recently faced was whether or not to accept a temporary Program Analyst position within the organization that I am currently employed. It was a wonderful growth opportunity; however, my time is already fully obligated between my career, school and family. Accepting the position meant re-prioritizing, shifting and altogether juggling my already full schedule. In this paper, I will track the progress of my decision using the PCDA process, including with my final decision. According to Shewhart, the most important step in the PCDA process is the plan, (2001). This is the stage where one defines the problem, collects and analyzes the data, generates and evaluates alternatives and creates a plan of action. As you can see, this is a very intensive process, and careful consideration must be taken at each step. As I stated, my decision was whether or not to accept a temporary Program Analyst position that I had been offered within my company. This was an excellent growth opportunity; however, the demands on my time would be extensive. This is the initial definition of the problem. What I needed to determine was exactly how much time would be required, and whether or not the benefits of accepting the position would...

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